Why Everyone Should Wait Tables for Two Weeks: Coffee Break Edition

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If you’re looking for a neatly wrapped answer to the question implied by the title of this book, you may want to look elsewhere. Why Everyone Should Wait Tables for Two Weeks is the sometimes humorous and lighthearted, sometimes bitter tale of one waiter’s journey through naivete, smug contempt, humiliation and failure, to an eventual redemption of sorts, wherein he discovers the difference between humiliation and humility. If you’ve never worked in a restaurant, you may feel downright insulted at points, and if you have worked in a restaurant, there’s a good chance you’ll find yourself nodding in affirmation and saying “mmm-hmmm” as you read. Either way, this Coffee Break Edition is an entertaining and provocative read, intended as an invitation to share your own story at: WhyEveryoneShouldWaitTablesForTwoWeeks.com

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